Looking To Earn Your Private Pilot License In Houston, TX? Choose P-Factor Aviation!

P-Factor Aviation offers flight training for all levels of aspiring pilots looking to gain their private pilot’s license. From earning your private pilot’s certificate through to commercial, multi-engine, instrument rating, and flight instructors….choose P-Factor!

Come take a one hour “discovery flight” to acquaint yourself with the thrill and technical skills needed to fly an plane! Get behind the wheel, take off, fly the friendly skies and land comfortably with the instructor next to you guiding you with ease! 

The Open Sky Awaits...

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Helping You Realize Your Dream Of Learning To Fly

Make P-Factor Your First Choice For Gaining Your Private Pilot License In Houston, TX!

If you’re here today because you you’ve always dreamed of getting your private pilot’s license, you’ve come to the right place!
Whether your goal is to fly a plane for the first time, take ownership of your very own small aircraft and leave on a personal vacation, or earn a professional license so you can fly large commercial jets…P-Factor Aviation is help you get your private pilot’s license in Houston, TX.

P-Factor is your source to gain your private pilot license in Houston, Texas with seasoned veteran pilots to guide you every step of the way!
We’re an aviation school that caters to an array of levels and experiences, offering flight training lessons in Houston TX for beginners and advanced students in single, multi-engine and tail dragger aircraft.

All our instructors are highly trained and will work with you one-on-one to ensure you’re comfortable and confident in your quest to get your pilot’s license. We promise…it’s easy, affordable, and memorable!

“Outstanding instruction, facility, and staff! The planes are great, well maintained and low cost on rental. I recommend to anyone who’s looking to fly!” – Travis. A

Earn Your Private Pilot License In Houston, TX

Never flown before? Don’t sweat it. Our New Private Pilot Course is designed to get you comfortable on an airplane and give you the skills you need to fly with confidence.

Learn to fly in Houston, TX with P-Factor!  Our Private Pilot Course provides you with expert guidance from experienced FAA Certified Flight Instructors in the Houston Texas Area.

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