About Our Aircraft

P-Factor Aviation, Inc. has a  fleet of aircraft to suit a broad array of training and rental needs. Our LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) are available for training and rental for those interested in the Sport Pilot Certificate which requires no FAA medical.

Safety is paramount at P-Factor Aviation. We fly the safest and most advanced airplanes available and adhere to strict policies. Statistics clearly demonstrate that flying remains the safest method of transportation and can be an easily enjoyed method of travel.


IFR – VFR GPS, 160HP Upgraded Engine – $105 an Hour Wet

Cessna 172

IFR – Garmin 430 WAAS, Cruise Prop, 120 Knots – $110 an Hour Wet

Piper Warrior II

160 HP Garmin 430 GPS – $110 an Hour Wet

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